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“Before meeting Anthony my days were hectic and stressful; I suffered from poor sleep, low energy and under-confidence. From our very first session Anthony’s enthusiastic and friendly approach inspired me to achieve my fitness goals. Regular workouts accompanied by nutritional advice enabled me to adopt a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.”

“Over the year that I have been personal training with Anthony in Brighton he has taught me how to achieve a balanced lifestyle. I am now more relaxed, confident and have more energy to tackle daily life. Thanks to Anthony, I have never felt more alive or looked so good! I am achieving the results I have been wanting for ages, but wasn’t able to do on my own.”

Sarah from Brighton, a doctor in her late 30s

personal trainer brighton

“I had been stuck in a routine at the gym for a couple of years, and had stopped seeing any improvements in my fitness and tone. Anthony completely revolutionised my workouts, never letting things get boring, introducing me to new exercises each week. He’s really approachable and full of tips for a healthier lifestyle. Crucially, he’s inspiring to work with, and you leave each session feeling more motivated than you did before. I feel revitalised, fitter, and so much better about myself.”

Faith from Brighton, a media manager in her mid 40s

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“I started to realise that life had lost the exciting edge it once held for me. It wasn’t so much that I felt particularly unfit or anything, but I knew I was drinking a little too much in the evenings, which I actually enjoyed a lot, but I was worried about the long term effect, especially as I was not getting any younger. In truth I see now I was overweight and lethargic.”

“I wanted to look forward to my future as a positive thing and do something about my health before it was too late. I also wanted to become stronger and athletic, and enjoyed the results after only 6 weeks.”

“Thank you for working with me to establish an exercise programme that really has benefited me so much, I cannot thank you enough. I never realised what I was missing.”

Richard from Hove, a successful south coast businessman in his late 50s.

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“When I moved to Brighton some months ago I very much wanted to get fitter and did the normal boring “joining the gym”. I got into a very dull routine and did not believe I was seeing results. Then I started training with Anthony and I now feel much better. I have picked up excellent nutritional tips, and Anthony has also taught me effective “cool down” methods.”

“I now really feel the benefits of training with Anthony, and have subsequently entered the Brighton marathon in April, which I am approaching with confidence. Thank you very much!”

Kamila from Brighton, a small business owner in her late 30s

personal training brighton

“Training with Anthony has been a revelation! In just 6 weeks I’m leaner, stronger and my energy levels have rocketed. Anthony has devised a bespoke training programme tailored to my specific goals, I now feel fitter, healthier and happier. To keep it fun and effective the sessions develop with me; different approaches, new exercises and varied intensity levels ensure I am stretched. Training with Anthony in Brighton and Hove has been genuinely life changing.”

Hugh from Hove, a lawyer in his mid 40s

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