If I didn’t think I could help you, I wouldn’t try. It sounds corny, I know that, but it’s true.

Through working with people in a number of fitness centres and gyms in Brighton and Hove over the past 19 years, I know it can work for you too.

I have been a personal trainer in Hove to numerous clients of all ages, abilities and shapes and have seen the improvements that can be achieved in terms of weight loss, lean muscle gain and improved mental health. I am pleased to say that many of my clients in Brighton and Hove say that they appreciate how much they have enjoyed the process. Following the experience, they feel able to exercise confidently and effectively on their own, having been provided with the tools and know how to do so.

A few have been kind enough to write in their own words how it has affected them and changed their lives. They have given their permission for me to use them on this website in the Testimonials section.


Look and feel fantastic… what you can expect to achieve

Training goes through four phases:


0-4 Weeks: You will learn the best ways to exercise and will feel fitter.


4-8 Weeks: See results, e.g. look slimmer, jeans become looser, dresses fit better.


8-12 Weeks: Achieve medium-term goals, such as 12 lbs in weight loss.


13 Weeks+: You have the ability to apply your new skills on your own, or you choose to continue to receive further support and progression from me.


Who do you work with?

I work with clients of all ability levels.

There are many reasons that prompt clients to start training:

  • Maybe you find yourself, as many do, leading a sedentary lifestyle in front of the computer and wish to have a more active and balanced life?
  • For some, they are simply looking for weight loss to fight the flab to look and feel better.
  • Some people find that exercise can be a powerful way to overcome their addictions and boost their mental health.
  • Have you possibly had a health scare or are recovering from an injury of some kind and now need to take some positive steps to restore your former capabilities?

I have access to a women only gym and a private studio which is very popular with female clients not initially at ease in a more typical gym environment.


What price can you put on your health?

Personal training sessions are a valuable investment in your future. When compared with other forms of complementary health therapies and treatments, my personal trainer Brighton prices are reasonable. My prices reflect my level of advanced training, experience and proven results with clients.

Clients comment that the accountability that personal training offers makes it a better option than a gym membership. With personal training there is value in each session, compared to a gym membership where usage is often limited.

My prices start at £50 per session. This varies based on frequency of sessions per week and number purchased. My prices reflect my success with clients and 19 years experience as a personal trainer in Brighton.

Please see the Packages section of this website for further information.

Please note, I do require 24 hours notice to cancel a pre-arranged session, otherwise the full session price may be charged. This is because I can typically fill a training slot if given enough notice.

No refunds are given on my training programmes beyond 30 days of starting. Should you need to go away for work, for example, the programme will be paused so your sessions will not expire.

Personal Trainer Brighton and Hove